A conjunction between Uranus and Venus in Aries introduces the first week of this month highlighting volatility in relationships. On one hand, if your current relationship is not stable, this could sever it completely. On the other hand, this could spark the beginning of a new one that comes out of nowhere. With Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn during this time, you might have trouble moving in one direction or another.

       On the 4th, Mars moves into Cancer, taking our direction toward security and family. If tension is going on in your relationship struggles, this could cause tummy issues. If you are feeling insecure and fear of losing your dependency, then fear will play out in the stomach, especially if you have a Sun or Moon in Cancer.

       The Full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius might make you want to gamble or overindulge, but with the restrictive sign of Saturn sitting next to it, puts the kibosh on that reaction. It would be best to restrict any activity that would financially put you at risk.

       Neptune retrogrades on the 16th. This helps us turn inward for our answers and desires. This is a good time to begin a  meditation routine which helps you get in touch with your spiritual side.

       The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th marking the Summer Solstice. Again this increases interest in security and family affairs. This is a good time for domestic issues and home repairs.