Everything in this universe is just energy interacting with energy. Thousands of years ago, man gave meaning to the energy by defining it through the symbology of the planets and constellations. The symbols are a language that create meaning to the nature of our lives. Your Astrological birth chart is a blueprint of the story of your soul / energy on its ongoing journey through this dimension.

I call my readings soul readings because your soul is your energy. It rests at the center of your emotions which shift from securing your reality to advancing your reality. I don’t talk to your head, I speak to your soul, and when I do, you will hear it yourself. I connect you to all of the unconscious elements of your behavior and bring it to consciousness.

The experience will connect you to what the spiritual teachers refer to as your authentic self. My intuitive ability acts as a facillitator to help you find your own truth and no one elses. People come to me because they are looking for answers from outside of themselves, so I will take you on a journey inside to yourself. As a spiritual guide, I am only a messenger telling you your story. I tell you where you have been, where you are now, and where you are trying to get to. I do not judge because it is your truth and not mine.