January Forecast 2018


       We have two Full Moons this month, one on the first day of January and the second on the last day. The first Full Moon is in the sign of emotional Cancer and makes its opposition to four planets in the strict and reality based sign of Capricorn. Since one of those planets is Venus, relationship and money will become security worries and concerns. We will now be faced with the bills coming in from the holidays. Let’s just hope our new big fat paychecks will be able to cover them.

       Two important long term aspects begin this month that will take us into this new year. The first one is the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus, as it begins its movement out of retrograde and moves forward. Whatever changes you may have been considering over the last six months, can now proceed forward. A lot of sudden shifts in the world that have been on hold, will now take us all in new directions. Since this is a 2 year in Numerology, it will require cooperation with each other, and to find more balance, rather than the extremes we have been experiencing.

       The second major aspect is Pluto connecting with Jupiter throughout this year. Jupiter, the planet of truth, went into Scorpio, the planet of secrets and the underworld, last November. We saw the uncovering of the sexual scandals and the major social shift that has been created. Well, Pluto rules Scorpio, so that will only add plutonium to this energy of uncovering that which has been hidden even more. This year can be described as an Archeologist digging and finding things that we never knew were there and what those discoveries will mean to the social, political, and economical systems that we rely on. Happy New Year!