February Forecast 2018


       The first week of this month finds the Sun in Aquarius next to Venus in Aquarius. This is a fantastic week to hang out with friends, join a group, or work on a project with a team. There should be a lot of Super Bowl parties on the 4th. Even if you are not rooting for one of the teams playing, go anyway and socialize.

       Mercury will also be in Aquarius making an aspect to Mars in Aries. This will create stimulating political discussions. The Mars in Aries energy can be rather forceful, so try not to get too heated and remember to keep an open mind to someone else’s point of view.

       Venus will move into Pisces on the 11th just in time for Valentine’s day on the 14th. This creates romance and compassion. Do something artistic with your loved one, go to the theater, an art show or gallery, or place the two of you in a cozy bubble bath surrounded by candles.

       The very next day there will be a solar eclipse in Aquarius with Mercury joining in. This will takes us back to social and political issues and much conversation around these topics.

       Aquarius can make us feel different and separated from others, but with the Sun moving into Pisces on the 18th, compassion can now enter the equation. In fact, Venus comes together with the planet that rules Pisces, Neptune, on the 21st. This should hopefully help our social and political differences cool down so we can allow caring and compassion for our collective humanity, and  to know that we are really all just the same species with the same needs.