January Forecast 2021


       This year in general has many symbols that will take us in a new direction that should be somewhat long term. Our structural systems we have normally relied upon will shift in many new ways due to the fact Saturn and Uranus will be guiding most of it. Saturn creates the systems we set up that secures the known while Uranus forces us to change and go into the unknown. Because Saturn is now in the sign Uranus rules, Aquarius, we can expect Uranus to win this battle.

       The first week of this month has Pluto and Mercury joined together in Capricorn. Those who don’t want change will resist fiercely and act obsessively to control the status quo. With Mercury representing communication, this will create tremendous arguments with people. It will be futile to try and change anyone’s opinion as it will be dealt with great resistance.

       Mars finally leaves Aries and moves into stubborn Taurus on the 7th and will eventually join up with Uranus. You can’t get more fixed and rigid energy than that. The progress that is trying to take place is going to be very difficult to achieve. It will feel like stretching a rubber band until it finally breaks. Most of this happens in the middle of the month when Uranus makes an aspect to expansive Jupiter.

       The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th and Joins up with Saturn a few days later. Interesting that the inauguration takes place during this time. Expect it to look like something you’ve never seen before. Progress is about moving forward not backward. Try not to let fear of the unknown scare you. Roller coasters can be scary I know, but for some reason they can also be scary fun!