October forecast 2020


       Mars in Aries continues its retrograde to the Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn this entire month. What changes though is that the death and rebirth planet Pluto, moves direct on the 5th after being retrograde since the end of April. This now focuses on the rebirth phase that Pluto requires. We should start seeing forward movement in our lives as we start to build from the ashes.

       Mercury will turn retrograde in secretive Scorpio on the 13th. For three weeks more information that has been hidden will be a big focus this month. Suspicion and investigation will be the word of the day. Watch out for deception though.

       There is a favorable aspect between Jupiter and Neptune that should draw us into a hopeful energy, as we look at the bigger picture of possibilities. Those planets take us to our spiritually connected self.

       Libra and Aries dominate the first half of this month, focusing everything on law and justice, especially with the Full Moon on the first and the New moon on the16th. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, it joins Mercury in its retrograde. We should begin to see sudden new medical information come to the surface to help us move forward.