June forecast 2020


       The month starts off with the Sun and Venus together in the social sign of Gemini. We can contribute the current social discourse to Mars making a challenging aspect in directionless Pisces. All information the first week of the month will be all over the map with chaos ruling the energy.

       The isolation we have been forced to contend with over the last several months has given everyone a pent up constriction that begs to move right now. It’s just that the direction seems uncertain and unknown, contributing to the fear we feel subconsciously.

       The Gemini and Sagittarian energy of movement and hope into the future did present itself with the historic launch of the first passenger rocket into space. It feels like déjà vu right now. Its’ like 1968 all over again with the civil rights movement alongside the space missions of that time.

       Mercury, which rules Gemini, goes retrograde in the emotional sign of Cancer on the 17th for 3 weeks. With Mars and Neptune together in the watery element of Pisces at this time, it creates an energy of reflection and introspection. A few days later on the 20th, the Sun enters Cancer. Cancer rules security, nurturing, and family. Maybe this would be a good time to look at our human family and try to help each other and protect each other from an invisible enemy that can make us feel vulnerable and harm us. It’s a matter of survival.