August forecast 2019


        Not only do we start the first day of this month with the Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo (New Moon), but Venus and Mars are part of the fun. I say fun because Leo likes to have fun, and with a beneficial aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, let the games begin. Because Jupiter is involved in this combination, we may feel the need to take chances and be more extravagant than usual. Car sales will probably go up this month, but try not to spend beyond your means. If you are weak of will, take a Capricorn or Virgo with you to help keep you in line.

        Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it’s no wonder its energy is strongest during the brightest and hottest time of year. Leo is strong of will and can be quite stubborn, so strong willed people may force themselves onto you, projecting their needs over yours.

       Mercury is now leaving its retrograde through Cancer and going direct toward Leo on the 12th. Communication will have a stronger force during the second half of this month. It will be complicated by a hard aspect to rebellious Uranus in Taurus. This will probably make us more eager to hold on to our values versus someone else’s. This is a time to just agree to disagree.

  The bigger issue is the planet Saturn is retrograde moving to join the symbol representing our past failures. This may put you in a Deja vu mood, as though you are experiencing your mistakes all over again. Our mistakes are here to teach us how to improve upon our lives, not keep reliving them. If the relationship or job is not working out and seems familiar, take this as a sign to try something new.