July Forecast 2019


       The Sun and Moon will be in Cancer together on the 2nd day of this month. It will be opposed by Saturn which sits next to the symbol we call past Karma. Old wounds from family issues could present themselves at this time. It’s time to let go of resentments and anger from your childhood, make peace and move on. If your parents were in conflict when you were growing up and you find yourself in very similar situations, you are still living your Karma.

       Mars moves out of watery and emotional Cancer and into fiery and showy Leo also beginning on the 2nd. Watch for people trying to force their will on you or you doing the same to someone else. It’s going to make a hard angle to unpredictable Uranus throughout this month. Mercury will be right next to Mars in Leo. Be extra cautious when driving because this combination causes accidents, especially if you are unfocused or angry. Be careful getting into arguments with people, because this can create a violent outcome.

       Mercury will go retrograde on the 9th and move back into emotional Cancer on the 19th. Mercury will be retrograde until the 31st. Expect a lot of mood swings as we go from a fire energy to a water one.

       The Moon will be in a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. It will be sandwiched between strict Saturn and intense Pluto. This may make you feel as though there are huge barriers keeping you from what you really want. The emphasis will be on the practical. If you are feeling stuck, this is the time to ask yourself how you got this way and what risks you are willing to make to change your situation. The best time to do this is when the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd and sits close to Mars, making a beautiful aspect to hopeful Jupiter in Sagittarius. e