January Forecast 2019


       The energy of Capricorn starts off the first day of this New Year. The Sun is always in the sign of Capricorn this time of year. What is special this time is that its ruling planet, Saturn, is in Capricorn sitting right next to the Sun. This energy is about laws, rules, structures, and authority. Are your structures sound? Are you your own authority or have you given it to something or someone else to determine? Do you conform to others or do you rebel? All of these questions need to be answered this year.

       Because the planet of complete transformation, Pluto, is also in the sign of Capricorn, many old structures and norms that are antiquated, will fall during this year. We can also apply this to Earth changes, since the planet Uranus moves back into the Mother Earth sign of Taurus. But more importantly, the political system will undergo big changes as we move forward.

       The fire and action planet Mars moved into its own sign of Aries on the first day of this month. It will stay there through the whole month of January and into the first two weeks of February. So expect a lot of action and conflict coming your way. My Libra energy is not going to like this at all. The plus side though is this gives us all an opportunity to tear down our own worn out ways that no longer work and begin to build new ways of constructive growth in our lives.

       January 5th the Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn creating a New Moon, meaning new beginnings. Also the communication planet, Mercury, moves into Capricorn the same day. It’s time to hunker down, get disciplined, and get to work! We are all going to have a busy and hopefully productive year.