With the Pluto/Saturn Capricorn conjunction of the last two years, we have experienced major structural challenges and shifts in our governmental systems. Pluto and Mars are now joined together in the beginning of this month in Capricorn. This planetary combination creates the energy of the reformer or destroyer of these systems. That a war has surfaced at this time regarding this issue comes as no surprise.

       Since Venus is also joined up with Mars, it becomes a social issue as well as a personal one. This brings people together more than separates them. Think of this as an intervention for someone that is on a destructive journey.

       Because Saturn and Mercury are together in Aquarius, solving old problems in new ways seems to be the focus of how we move forward. Whatever your approach to change may have been in the past, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

       When we are divided as humans, we lose our humanity. There is always one thing that changes that, and that thing usually comes in the form of a natural disaster, because it threatens our collective survival. But this time it comes in the form of a war over our structural systems. There is a stellium of planets in Pisces, with Neptune and Jupiter making the most influence. This energy opens our heart and compassion toward a spiritual need of our survival more than a physical one.