The first week of this month, Mars in Leo wants to force it’s creative will upon others it loves to do what it wants. Unfortunately, Saturn and Uranus will have us want to resist this force, so expect arguments about what you want to do on the 4th of July. Look out for the person in your life who wants to control everything, especially a family member, since the Sun is in Cancer.

       The New Moon in Cancer on the 9th-10th plants a seed on how you might change a family conflict since it opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Intense feelings will be strongest at this time with overblown emotional reactions and defensiveness.

This energy adds additional power conflicts since Mars and Venus join up in Leo and oppose Saturn in Aquarius. The spoiled child in all of us rants and raves! Look out for your inner toddler as you approach relationships. It might be time for a time out.

       In the middle of the month, Mercury begins to move into Cancer as it leaves Gemini. Our thoughts will be on money and security issues. This makes the mind more passive and defensive. Try to get out of your head and communicate from a place of how you feel. Your mind will be more receptive, so try to listen before you speak.

       A Good portion of this month has the Sun oppose Pluto, which asks who makes the changes in your life, you or someone else, and is it in your best interests. Is someone trying to help you or use you for their own gain? This hits a culmination point when the Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius makes an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Progress will be inevitable, but make sure you are the one making the changes.