August Forecast 2018


       The powerful Lunar Eclipse that occurred on July 27th gets an added boost from the coming Solar Eclipse on August 11th. The Sun and Moon will be together in ego driven Leo with Mercury along side. Since they make a hard square to Jupiter in Scorpio, the spotlight will shine on famous people, such as celebrities and politicians. Because Jupiter is still in Scorpio, scandal will very much be in the news.

       Mercury continues its reverse motion for roughly half of this month but will turn direct around the 18th. Its forward motion in Leo only will elaborate on the talking points of the scandals of high profile people.

       Venus enters its own sign of Libra on August 7th. It makes a hard angle to Saturn in Capricorn until the 14th. You may experience difficulties in relationships. Feeling isolated from others is a common occurrence. You may distance yourself from people and reevaluate whether the relationship is worth continuing.

       In the bigger picture of events, we now have the planet of practicality, Saturn, making a very favorable aspect to the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus. Now is the time to take advantage of new ideas and concepts and put them into practice. Saturn gives form to innovation. Whatever new ideas that have been being created in the background, will now be presented to us in form.