Forecast for September 2020


       Illusion vs reality starts off this month with a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct its ruling planet Neptune opposing the Sun in Virgo. It may seem in the first week that things couldn’t get any crazier but yet they seem to be.

       The big news this month has to do with Mars in its own sign of Aries, which started in late June and goes through the first week of January. So far this warrior energy has created conflict in our streets from our divisions as it has moved forward. On the 9th of this month it goes retrograde until the middle of November, taking us through the election and beyond. Rather than looking at our direction going forward, we may find a more internal and subjective need to look at the past two years and see what we have learned about power struggles in our life and how we want to move forward.

       Because Mars returns to its challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the issues of power, government, and authoritarianism will continue, forcing us to decide personally within ourselves what we want our future to look like.

       Because the Sun moves into the justice sign of Libra on the 22nd and stays there through October 23rd, there should be consequences to injustices that have already been taking place in our lives. Finding a balance and looking at both sides is the solution to our divisions.