The beginning of this month has Venus and Mercury still joined together, but this time Mercury goes retrograde on the 1st. This takes the energy of communication on a different path. A reflection on our relationships will determine our path. Because Neptune makes a hard aspect we might start observing deception, denial, and mistrust of others. This would be a good time to know who your friends really are and some may not like what they see.

       There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th. Full Moons are culmination points where New Moons are the beginnings of planting seeds that will grow. If you have any ideas about changes you want to make, especially in your relationships, this would be a good time talk things out. This way you will find out if you both want to go in the same direction.

       On June 5th Mars in Cancer makes an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This could create a conflict with a family member, especially if you are feeling controlled. This will force you to confront those you give control to. On the 11th Mars moves into willful Leo which helps you move in a direction that you decide.

       The Saturn and Uranus hard square will become exact on the 14th for the second time this year. Saturn controls and Uranus rebels. It will be almost impossible not to feel this tension in our own lives. What wants to change must change because nothing stays the same no matter how hard we resist. There might be some area of your life that feels like the house of cards come tumbling down.