Forecast for April 2020


       Mercury joins Neptune in Pisces the first week of this month. This energy enhances creative thinking on the plus side, but on the minus side can create delusion and paranoia. Try and stay positive even during these unsettled and insecure times. This combination is just a fog that will eventually give way to clarity as we move through this.

       Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th and begins a favorable aspect to Mars in Aquarius. These masculine and feminine signs work well together in the air signs of socialization and the exchanging of ideas. You will see people trying harder to work together rather than taking opposing sides. This will also be helped with the Full Moon on the 7th in Aries and Libra, bridging our own needs with the needs of others.

       We will find many new answers this month to this world pandemic since Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius square off and force sudden new directions into how we move forward. Adding to this is Mercury moving into Aries on the 11th after being in Pisces since February 3rd. We should begin getting straight and honest answers.

       The strongest influence is from the outer planets of Pluto and Jupiter. Their current collaboration demands massive social regeneration and rebirth, and aids most people of the world that work toward that end. The elimination of this  virus is the fuel to accomplish that end.