Forecast for December 2019


       The Sun may be in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, but its ruling planet Jupiter enters serious and cautious Capricorn. It might be wise to curb overspending during this holiday season. The economy may seem good right now, but don’t get caught up in the illusion that it will last forever. Make practical purchases.

       Jupiter will run its reign in Capricorn during the entire year of 2020. Jupiter rules law and Capricorn rules government. With Capricorn’s ruling plant Saturn sitting next to the death and rebirth planet of Pluto during this coming year, we begin to get a sneak peak this month of what’s to come in the coming year.

       Venus rules money and is also in Capricorn this month. It gets sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn on the 12th. Since Saturn tends to restrict whatever it touches, this is another sign of being cautious with finances. Arguments may ensue at this time over money due to a Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th.

       The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st bringing with it the start of the Winter Solstice. There will be a Solar Eclipse this year on Christmas day. This means the Sun and Moon will both be together in Capricorn. As I mentioned in last month’s forecast, this is the year to not break from traditions. So toss out that new recipe you were going to try and get out Grandma Ethel’s fruitcake recipe even though everyone hates it. Capricorn doesn’t care!