November forecast 2019


       Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to settle down, get serious and plan ahead for the holidays that are coming. This will be helped with the first few days of this month starting off with the Moon in Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto. Take advantage of this energy by start building an action plan.

       A lot of misunderstandings in relationships might happen during the first half of the month since Saturn and Pluto make a hard aspect to Mars in Libra. This creates power struggles. It won’t be helped with Mercury now going retrograde for three weeks in Scorpio. This will make people very secretive and hide their true feelings. With Venus moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, anyone who has felt trapped or possessed in a relationship might finally break free.

       The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th is in direct opposition to the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This bipolar symbol  is fixed energy making for stubborn resistance to change. This is a my needs versus your needs situation.

       Things lighten up on the 22nd when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Venus and Jupiter will be together in Sagittarius at this time also. This is a great time to do something fun with your partner or friends.

       Thanksgiving falls on the 28th this year. The Moon goes into Capricorn,  back to where it started at the beginning of the month. The festivities will have more of a serious tone with a sense of tradition. Don’t change the menu or recipes, we want the usual.