October forecast 2019


       On the third day of this month the Moon and Jupiter come together to give us a feeling of outgoing energy and optimism. Take this time to help someone in need, as this creates a generous kindness to those who need help.

       Mars enters Libra at the same time. This self driven fiery planet now moves into the sign of compromise and cooperation. Any arguments or conflicts that arise this month should be handled with an objective look at where the other person is coming from. Most people argue with a win/lose scenario. This only pushes people further away from you. Mars in Libra wants a win on both sides if possible.

       Venus enters Scorpio on the 8th. Relationships get intense with this energy. If you are wanting to consummate your relationship in whatever way you interpret that, this would be a good time. For those ready to make the final step in a relationship, now is a good time to propose. If you are wanting a child, this is also a good time to give it a go.  

       Mercury enters Scorpio also on the 3rd. How appropriate to have it be in the sign that rules Halloween! It actually goes retrograde the day of Halloween. When the planet of communication goes into Scorpio we look to investigate things that are hidden. We might find a lot of digging up dirt and what lies beneath going on this month.