June Forecast 2019


       The Sun may be in the communication sign of Gemini, but Mercury, its ruling planet, is in the sign of Cancer. This means that we will be having more of an emotional reaction to information that is being delivered to us. The action planet, Mars, is also in the sign of Cancer. You may find that people have a more defensive response than an aggressive one. Cancer rules safety and security, so protecting ones opinion and beliefs will be the mood of this month.

       With Jupiter making a hard aspect to Neptune, idealism of one’s beliefs take center stage. Be careful of false prophets at this time. Make sure that realism is a part of the ideals of which you adhere to. Don’t get lost in delusion. There is a danger of being overly optimistic. Check facts.

       The planet of reality, Saturn, will help the previous message along. It sits in its own sign of Capricorn and connects to the symbol that represents Karma. Listen to your inner parent when you get lost and confused so you can focus on reason and reality. Because Mars will oppose this aspect coming up this month, you will find conflict with those in authoritarian positions. Learn to control your own truth instead of giving it to someone else.

        On the 22nd, the sun moves into the sign of Cancer. Everything shifts to family energy and nurturing issues. This takes us out of our head and into our heart. Use this time to nurture yourself and others. Gather your friends and family, fire up the barbeque, and enjoy comfort food and connecting with those you love.