December Forecast 2018


       The Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius come together the first week of this month which puts an emphasis on seeking the truth. At the same time, Neptune and Mars come together in Pisces, which puts an emphasis of deception. Because they make a hard square to each other, expect more controversies regarding these subject matters. It hits its peak when the New Moon in Sagittarius joins in on the 6th.

       Mercury is retrograde in secretive Scorpio this first week, while Venus enters Scorpio on the second day of the month. Expect people to hold on tightly to their agenda and not want to let go. It won’t be until the middle of the month when Mercury enters Sagittarius that we begin to see the truth of what is really going on with those we are involved with.

       Also around the middle of this month, Pluto in Capricorn makes an aspect to Mars in Pisces. Pluto tends to dig up what is being hidden. If you are keeping any secrets from someone, expect it to be discovered. It will be hard to suppress your true feelings this month, so try and be honest about what is bothering you in your relationships.

       The Sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd and immediately gives us a Full Moon in Cancer. This is the time we spend with family celebrating long held traditional holidays of giving and receiving. The Sun will make a nice aspect during this time to rebellious Uranus. I know we all like to cling to the past traditions, but this energy asks us to throw something new into the mix. Don’t be afraid to try a new recipe. Happy Holidays everyone!