October Forecast 2018


       With Venus in Scorpio, we experienced the dark side of that sign in the last week of September. The relationship between Brett Kavanaugh  and Dr. Ford exposed to the world Scorpio themes, sexual control and alcohol abuse. On the 7th of this month Venus will turn retrograde in Scorpio, asking us to look at the destructive or constructive elements in our own relationships. We will need to transform those elements by looking at the control issues that are unhealthy.

       Conversations become very intense on the 10th and moving forward as Mercury will move into the sign of Scorpio. Be on the lookout for some people to lie and deceive to get what they want and try to control you. Delving into the bottom of things will be a hard dig to find the truth. But with the planet of truth, Jupiter, still in Scorpio, it will come out eventually.

       We still have a favorable aspect between practical Saturn and progressive Uranus. So it is still a good time to make changes by using practical means. This is not the time to throw the baby out with the bath water, but to take gradual steps to reach your goals to improve situations that have not been working out.

       Any break or separation from an unhealthy over- controlled relationship is at its peak on the 24th when the Full Moon in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Because the Moon will be joining Uranus in this opposition, the break will seem like it just came out of nowhere, even though it was needing to happen. Uranus frees us from what no longer serves us.