Forecast for March 2020


       We enter the first few days of the month with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces. We have all spent the last three weeks hearing about a new virus that is traveling the globe with many unknown answers. We may begin to get some as Mercury retrogrades back on the 4th into the sign of new discoveries, Aquarius. Things should eventually become clearer when Mercury turns direct in this sign on the 10th.

       On the 5th, Venus moves into its ruling planet Taurus, the symbol of money. It will join up with unpredictable Uranus, so it will be difficult to know how the stock market will react. We might see a few big swings up and down in the coming weeks.

       The energy of the Sun currently in Pisces becomes its strongest when it comes together with its ruling planet of Neptune. This is great energy for the creative souls out there, but confusing to those who like things concrete. Just stay focused and ride the wave and don’t fall out of the boat.

       A lot of laws will be challenged or changed this month as Mars in Capricorn lines up with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. We may get some Supreme Court decisions that could change some existing laws.

       The actual new year begins on March 20th with the Spring Equinox and the Sun’s move into fiery Aries. Time to start new projects and move forward.